To the man I pray to God for,

Right now, you are my greatest wish. God knows about this. But it is a brave wish. I cannot imagine myself being so happy with you. Because I cannot even remember if there is a time that I am truly happy for myself. Things like that for me, are too hard to find.

You are my courageous wish. The only wish that I think will give me the real meaning of happiness in this world.

You are my selfish wish. To wish for you makes me guilty for wanting the person that I don’t deserve. Guilty for wishing for someone like you to come into my life and bring me my miracle. Because I never really wished anything for myself for the longest time. And it makes me feel selfish for wanting something that is far beyond what I deserve. But I can’t help it.

You and i is almost an impossible concept. But I trust that our angels find a way for us to meet. Please do know that because of you, I am persevering so hard to find God, obey Him, I am even trying to believe that He will turn me into a swan one day to complement you. It’s almost the end of April, 2016. Will I ever meet you? But nevertheless, know also that I pray for you everyday of my life, whether you are destined to know me or not.




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Hi, I'm j, 21 years of age. I am a fresh graduate of architecture. I want to explore life to the fullest. And if you want to talk to me, please do.

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