From nico:

really, these were the words na hinihintay kong marinig sa kaibigan ko. salamat dito. di ko to kakalimutan ulet. 🙂

eto sasabihin ko sayo ha. tatandaan mo friend. you are who you are. hindi ka ibang tao. ikaw yan. di mo kailangan ng ibang tao para maging better ka. ikaw lang sa sarili mo magagawa mo yon. it is only a matter of choice. will you be better or will you stay broken as you are right now. life is simple. you take risks you make mistakes you learn from those need to stress over someone. no need to think that he deserves you just because you had 1 week of conversation. lahat ng tao laging may choice. at ikaw pinipili mo maging broken tulad ngayon. mahirap oo. masakit oo but the choice is always inside you. you can find the answer if you just think positive. think that it isn’t unfair think that you are beautiful just the way you are. someone will and can accept you just the way you are right now.21 pa lang tayo we are at the stage of our early years. no need to rush things. no need to give up just because you are hurting right now. tulad nga ng sinabi ko kanina. there are an unlimited things to be happy about. so there is no reason for you to be sad just because he wasnt there to repay the trust that you gave him. ganon lang yon

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Hi, I'm j, 21 years of age. I am a fresh graduate of architecture. I want to explore life to the fullest. And if you want to talk to me, please do.

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