Hello to a prettier external version of you!

Your self-esteem is important not for other people to see but for you to know and love yourself; and no matter how hard it is to gain it, I personally think we (women) should find it.

Lately, I was quite researching on beauty products and how to use them correctly. Only now, that I am giving attention to this aspect because I realized that it will really be very beneficial to me, especially now that I am a college graduate. Everyday, you have to be comfortable with the way you look and the clothes and shoes you wear. When you are confident then, you care less of what others think of you and your worth. No one else will benefit from this but you!

And to all the young women (like me) and to all women out there, it is very essential to give the right attention to ourselves. Enhancing our facial features and putting on a little make up to our skin won’t hurt; especially if we are using the right products. Knowing the right products will take a little time because you have to learn your own skin to be able to give only the best.

I spent most of my spare time abandoning the books I am supposed to read because I allow myself to watch beauty tutorials on youtube and other online sites.Learning is free so make use of the internet and technology to broaden your minds and talents. 😉

I familiarized myself with the best cosmetic brands and beauty products. Since I am not yet able to buy myself these “best” brands, which are mostly foreign and imported, I tried using the more affordable ones but comes with almost the same and even higher quality products.

Please take note that korean products are a must-try!

Here are some to share.17AmazingKoreanCosmeticDupes

17 Amazing Korean Cosmetic Dupes